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    武汉:中部崛起 引领“革”局

    Wuhan: The Rise of Central China is Changing the Business Landscape


    Wuhan, known as a “city dotted by a hundred lakes”, developed from the Panlongcheng, an archaeological site dating back to the Erlitou culture in early Bronze Age and rising out of the conglomeration of three cities, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang Wuhan on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River's intersection with the Han river. This Chinese famous historical city boasts 3,500 years of cultural riches, advantageous and accessible location, modern technological prowess, dense scientific and educational resources, an evenly developed modern industrial system and, as a result, a deep-rooted tradition of integration and innovation.


    In recent years, the international talent and communication platforms created by the Optics Valley are gaining momentum, promoting industrial upgrading with its talent-driven strategy and magnetizing diverse innovation and entrepreneurship resources. At present, the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone has set up 11 overseas talent employment “liaison stations” in the Silicon Valley in the U.S. and Singapore, etc. In the future it will invest heavily in the establishment of a number of offshore innovation centers such as the Biohub Boston Overseas Incubator, the Cocoon Networks London and the Optics Valley Innovation Center based in the Silicon Valley.


    About the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui: Central China Roots, Nationwide Reach


    The Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui is a entrepreneurship communication, investment, financing and trade platform initiated by the Wuhan Municipal Government and co-founded by the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Management Committee and the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau. Focusing on “dreams, pursuit of dreams and realization of dreams”, it is committed to converging five elements: projects, capital, information, talents and mentors.


    Offering insightful advice and authentic roadshows minus the lengthy preaches of government officials or hyping performances, Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui is widely acclaimed among entrepreneurs. The goal of the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui is clear: to find out the “gold” and help it glitter.


    So far, the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui has successfully held 74 editions, featuring over 500 road show projects and promoting close to 1,000 projects, participated by more than 500 investing agencies and over 50,000 visitors. According to the incomplete statistics, over 120 projects secured close to 3 billion RMB of investment. Juanpi.com, for example, obtained financing and became a leader in the industry after road shows at the Qing Tong Hui.


    About the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui: Central China Roots,Nationwide Reach


    With the implementation of the Chinese national strategy of promoting the rise of Central China, Wuhan is going to join the ranks of “National Central Cities” and quickly morph into a pilot city with thriving financial innovation, modern service industry and high-tech industries in Central China. The East Lake High-tech Development Zone in Wuhan, as a sci-tech and financial innovation in Wuhan and Central China, is a star project in terms of Wuhan’s city image and economic development and will represent Wuhan in its communication with the world in the context of city-industry integration; as a national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration zone and player in global competition, it will stand out amid global sci-tech revolutions and industrial transformations with extraordinary innovation prowess, with Central China roots and nationwide reach.


    This edition of the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui international road show is dedicated to discovering distinguished non-Chinese entrepreneurship and innovation projects and paving the way for foreign entrepreneurs through incubation, tutorship, financing services and project road shows, guided by authorities of the Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui and actively facilitated by rich resources and relevant government bodies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.





    “OVUWORK” is a an entrepreneurship and innovation service platform under the China Electronics Corporation (CEC, a Fortune Global 500 company, a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government and the largest comprehensive state-owned IT group in China) and the CEC Optics Valley (an industrial park operation group and industrial resources sharing platform with themed industrial parks in 23 Chinese cities bringing together over 300,000 industrial professionals).Currently OVUWORK has set up 26 stations in 12 Chinese cities, founded and operated 2 national-level incubators, 6 national-level maker spaces, 4 provincial-level incubators, 5 provincial-level maker spaces, 3 municipal-level incubators and 2 municipal-level maker spaces, etc., covering 319,000㎡ in total. It is serving over 60 entrepreneurship and innovation teams, bringing together over 20,000 innovators and entrepreneurs as the largest entrepreneurship and innovation service platform in Central China.


    On April 12 and May 31, 2018, OVUWORK hosted the 70th Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui “A Billion-worth Dream of Craftsmanship” Close-door Road Show and the 73rd Optics Valley-Qing Tong Hui “Independent Innovation and Technological Empowerment” at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


    With the parent company’s prodigious entrepreneurship and innovation fund and a wealth of clients from different industries, as well as the pool of high-quality entrepreneurship and innovation resources which have completed integration and are constantly being optimized, OVUWORKendeavors to create professional and sophisticated work spaces as well as investment promotion, incubator operation and management teams for small and micro entrepreneurial teams. It leverages its extensive network of institutional investors, various government-sponsored entrepreneurship incubation policies it has obtained as well as a powerful and highly resourceful team of entrepreneurship and innovation mentors, to provide entrepreneurial teams and companies with work spaces, subsidies, diversified financing, entrepreneurship and innovation tutorship and resource platform construction, among other professional incubation support services, ensuring entrepreneurial teams and companies can start smoothly and grow quickly.


    [At the 2016 China (Wuhan) Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference: Kevin Kelly, Father of the Silicon Valley Spirit and Sci-fi and Commercial Prophet was in a dialogue with the “City of University” in Wuhan]

    【2017“资本创新 · 互联共赢”中芬国际项目投资路演会:Invendor众筹平台总经理Lasse Mäkelä现场连线分享】

    [2017 “Capital Innovation, Interconnection and Win-win” Sino-Finland International Entrepreneurial Investment Project Road Show: Lasse Mäkelä, General Manager of the Invendor crowd funding platform is giving a presentation online]


    [2018 Creative Exchange| UK-Wuhan Design Month: The Deputy Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Wuhan is making a speech]


    As a cross-regional and comprehensive super incubator supported by China Electronics Corporation’s 600-billion-RMB whole-industry-chain ecosystem covering R&D, manufacturing, channel and promotion functions as well as a comprehensive industrial incubating ecosystem and industrial service system made up of 30 industrial parks run by the CEC Optics Valley in 23 Chinese cities, the OVUWORK provides entrepreneurs with opportunities of vertical and crossover integration and exchanges with resources of different industries; in response to national strategies it will strive to push the entrepreneurship and innovation boundaries to grow into an incubator for various vertical applications of IoT, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and health and medicine big data, etc., reinforce in-depth entrepreneurship and innovation services and offering enterprises a full life cycle operation and service system.


    OVUWORK works hard to expand the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, further plans and implements project schemes, and continues to provide cutting-edge and rich entrepreneurial resources at home and abroad for promising start-ups, so that more local entrepreneurial teams can stand on an equal footing with world-class entrepreneurial teams, and that local entrepreneurs can fully demonstrate their strengths to an international audience and put their entrepreneurship and innovation undertakings into a global context.










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